A Brilliant Celebration

August 28, 2009

Tuesday evening I went to Sequoia, on the waterfront in DC, for the launch party of a new website called LousySpouse.com. Given the website’s name, I was a bit apprehensive about attending because I have worked very hard to make Brilliant Exits a resource for hope, knowledge, and support. While bashing has its place (and may be needed to speed up healing) my goal is helping clients work on their needs, as opposed to wasting precious energy on someone who no longer cares.

Minutes after arriving, I was greeted by an absolutely beautiful woman with a truly kind heart. All I could of think was “how could anyone have ever cheated on you?” I think I said as much to her, to which she replied with the same amazement: “You are beautiful too!”

Ellen (her pseudonym) introduced me to her family and business partners and, despite the underlying topic (infidelity), we had a wonderful time. Ellen explained we were partying at the site of her wedding on the night that would have been her 9th wedding anniversary. That made her strength, and the love that surrounded her, even more impressive.

As a mom myself, I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful family Ellen must have grown up in. Here they were, some who’d flown in from Atltanta, embracing their daughter and celebrating her accomplishments. Should my daughters one day marry and find themselves divorced, I hope I will do the same for them.


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