Divorce is Crazy-Making: As long as you know that you’ll be ok…

September 9, 2009

The last few weeks have been quite a challenge for me, dominated by post-divorce happenings. One would think that since my divorce occurred years ago, and I’m simply dealing with spin-offs, I’d be doing ok. That, and the fact I help others deal with the chaos of divorcing, should make me a tiny bit invincible. Buuuut… not quite so.

What strikes me most, is that it’s such a time of opposites: the hope, the despair; the wisdom that can get lost in the rollercoaster of emotions; the focus on the goal, which gets buried in the overwhelming sense of injustice; and the sheer paperwork that chokes off even simple pleasures. Not to mention the unrelenting stress… its amazing I don’t have a beautiful head of white hair.

All of this is to say the “blessing” in my post divorce journey keeps me in touch (too much actually) with all that separation and divorce demands of us. Surviving deserves its own special Badge of Honor.

So, if you are mucking through it all let me say:

You are courageous, beautiful, gaining character by the nano second, and probably just a tiny bit crazy. So celebrate yourself !!!

No need to worry … unless you feel totally grounded and sane!


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