Getting to what Your Kids Deserve & Need

October 2, 2009


By being Parents Together, you show her that she (or he) is important, not the divorce. -from Parenting with an Ex by Ellen Kellner (book due out Jan 2010)

In my opinion, this quote says it all! Ellen Kellner’s book won’t be out until Jan, but in the meantime you can read tips and excerpts on her website, blog or even in your email via her newsletter.

Having raised two daughters in the hailstorm of a high conflict, contentious divorce, I only wish I’d had her wisdom to guide me. I loved my daughters dearly through it all, but there were times it took everything I had to not let my anger at my 2bx, then ex, poison the mothering I needed to do.

If you’ve attended my Second Saturday program, you’ve probably heard me say “Love Your Children More than You Hate Your Spouse.” This book will help you do it.

Let me know what you think…


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