Dating Advice … for your teen

November 12, 2009

Having seen their parent’s marriage break apart, my daughters make it quite clear that they are worried about their choices in a mate, be it a boyfriend or perhaps a husband one day. So this WSJ article caught my eye this morning:
Why Puppy Love Matters: Research Shows Importance of Kids’ Romantic Relationships

A motivating factor for me, in filing for divorce, was not wanting my daughters to end up in as dysfunctional a relationship as they were seeing at home. So, when my daughters were only 4 and 7, I separated from their father.

Years down the road, when my oldest had her first serious boyfriend, I remember her saying in exasperation, “It’s not fair. I don’t know how to be a couple because I never saw that at home.” To which I replied: “You are lucky. You can create your own healthy relationship, rather than model a bad one.”

She looked at me as if I had suddenly grown two heads. But in my heart I knew I was right..

Thoughts to share?


One Response to “Dating Advice … for your teen”

  1. Cory Says:

    You’re both right. You due to experience; she because of inexperience.

    I was in a dysfunctional marriage, but was a great parent and had (and continue to have) a very strong relationship with my daughters. While they saw problems, they also experienced love and support in all parts of their lives, and followed me when I left. Both are now in long term relationships, having learned what to expect and how to act through my advice and example. They both made questionable first choices, but don’t we all? Both have demonstrated a level of maturity beyond their years. I’m very proud of them.

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