Mistresses Today: What do you think?

January 27, 2010

We’ve come a long way from the days of Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. Or, perhaps today’s mistresses are simply catching up by pinning the “the scarlet letter” on men, via 30 foot billboard announcements, high-profile interviews, and more.

The big question is: Why are we so fascinated with illicit affairs, and why are so many making the “news” lately? Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Governor Sanford, the billboard mistress, etc. to mention a few. And what does the public think?

From the interviews I’ve seen lately, it seems to me that mistresses like presenting their side of the story hoping to gain public sympathy for getting a raw deal. All this has gotten me thinking and motivated the Poll I’ve created below.

Please take a moment to weigh-in and let me know what you think. And pass this along so I collect as many opinions as possible. Thank you. I promise to blog the trends… anonymity guaranteed!


2 Responses to “Mistresses Today: What do you think?”

  1. lwayswright Says:

    As a woman who has been cheated on I know how that can hurt your family, your kids, your friends all of it. And it hurts to have it thrown in your face all the time. No, the mistress isn’t the only one at fault, however, they made a choice to sleep with/have a relationship with a married man…I have no pity for them, as I have no pity for the man!

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