Life is fragile, use it well…

March 2, 2010

We are so rushed, so challenged by life’s demands that we can loose sight of what’s most important to us… until we get news that stops us in our tracks.

If you’ve been to our Second Saturday programs you know that introducing you to our area’s best attorneys is one of our goals because having the right attorney is crucial to getting good results. And by best, we mean an attorney who sees the overall picture, and puts what’s best for you and your children above his/her ego and driving up your legal bill.

Ed Walinisky was such an attorney. His reputation for being a good, kind, smart attorney, who put his client above starring in court, was well-known. If you needed to go to court, he would do so for you, but not before he educated you about all the alternatives. Ed embraced the philosophy of collaborative law which gets the importance of meeting the emotional and financial needs of a family as well as the legal. We, and our attendees, were fortunate to have Ed speak at some of our Second Saturday programs.

The last time I saw Ed, in late November, he struck me as a vibrant, healthy, happy man. He told me how much he loved his work and his eyes sparkled. But what touched me even more, was how he beamed when he told me that months earlier he’d already booked his hotel for the weekend of his son’s graduation from William & Mary this coming May 2010. Ed did not want to miss a minute of it, and he was advising me to do the same as my oldest daughter would also be graduating with his son’s class.

Unfortunately, Ed’s life was cut short this weekend by cancer. Sadly, Northern Virginia has lost a family-friendly attorney, but fortunately the partners at his firm also embrace getting clients through the divorce process as humanely as possible.

As a mom, who’s daughter has been a classmate of Ed’s son for many, many years I cry for Ed and his son who won’t be together, physically at least, for this spring’s W & M graduation celebrations. Earlier today I found myself thinking “I don’t know what I’d do if that happened to me … or my daughter…” Then the cruel irony hit me, we’d have no choice.

Tonight I will hug my high schooler. I will not let her stress over AP classes and the college acceptance process … or my stress over earning enough to pay the bills … get in our way. And when my college student comes home this weekend I will close the computer and really be with her unlike last time when I was “working”.

Perhaps what made Ed a great family law attorney was the fact he valued his family and kept his legal role in perspective. If we are lucky, he will now be able to guide other attorneys from above.


One Response to “Life is fragile, use it well…”

  1. Suzanne Caldwell Says:

    I’m so saddened to hear of the passing of Ed. Although I didn’t know him, I was impressed by the impact he had on you, Sharon, and on the divorce community. He really sounded like one of the good guys. Thank you for sharing him through Second Saturdays and for sharing his passing with such an important reminder to stop and enjoy those we love. My kids will both get an extra hug today thanks to you and Ed.


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