Top Ten Ways to Catch a Cheater

March 29, 2010

Your gut says your partner is cheating. Or hiding assets. It’s a terrible place to be and sadly statistics show women’s intuition is often right. Men’s suspicions are more often wrong.

Suspecting infidelity is not a fun place to be, believe me I know. Try to stay calm, as unemotional as possible (like that’s easy) and take time to gather the information you need before you confront your partner.

Where do you begin? The video below has good tips to get you started. On Saturday (April 9, 2011) we have a private eye ready to share his expertise at our monthly Second Saturday workshop. Consider joining us to learn all you can. More info and registration.

Even if you plan to use a private investigator, to keep costs down and get results, it’s best to do some snooping of your own so you have leads and patterns to guide the private investigator. For example: Is your partner suddenly working late Tues eves? Do your credit card bills have charges that can’t be explained? Are you getting hang-up calls at home?

Good luck and I hope you find out your suspicions are  wrong. If that’s not the case, there are many good books and support groups out there to help you through it all.

I found such resources comforting as the main message is: Affairs are the the cheater’s immature way of handling issues in your relationship. If s/he can own up to his/her behavior, stop the cheating, make amends, and be committed to working with you on your relationship you can save your marriage/relationship and even enhance it.

But it takes hard work, honesty and commitment on both your parts. You can’t do it alone.

Despite its title, the video below is informative for both men and women.


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  1. whatsaysyou Says:

    Very informative blog you got and keep it up.

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