Saving Money with Style

April 15, 2010

Separation and divorce brings many gifts and challenges, especially in today’s economy. Amy Fuentes, our dynamic Second Saturday speaker on the subject of credit, has just produced her own TV show Stretching Your Dollar with tips and encouragement about saving money on everyday things from haircuts to eating out.

Her tips are great, but what’s even more impressive is the way she shares how she tackled times when her family’s money was cut drastically thanks to job loss or the economy.

Instead of sticking her head in the sand (as I am prone to do) or becoming paralyzed (me again) she enthusiastically researched, analyzed and tried new approaches. The result: She found the silver lining … and seeing her do so just might help you shift your perspective from feeling overwhelmed to enjoying the challenge!

Another bonus: You won’t feel so alone. Watching her program I was struck by the fact it’s not only single parents who need to stretch their dollars….

If you live in Fairfax County you can catch her show on Channel 10 (log onto their website for dates and times at … or you can watch it on youtube in 3 segments. I’ve posted Amy’s extended version below because I like her opening message… Enjoy!


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