Embracing Change

July 20, 2010


If you’ve landed at Brilliant Exits chances are change is looming big in your life. Some of us seek out change, others fear it, and still others like myself stick our head in the sand to avoid it at all costs. Trust me, that strategy doesn’t work very well. Change happens, welcome or not.

Optimists say change can be a fresh start, a chance to reinvent our self. Pessimists see it as torture turning our life upside down. One thing is for sure: It’s unavoidable and that means it’s worth learning some coping skills.

Drawing from Katherine Russell Rich’s article 10 Ways to Embrace Change the refreshing strategies below far surpass the ostrich technique.

  • Don’t just do something. Sit there. Reflect, be patient, and find your inner self.
  • Pamper yourself. Hard to do when in crisis, but it works wonders.
  • Ignore your inner reptile. Referred to as “the lizard brain” it’s so concerned with survival, by prehistoric means, that it blasts “danger” causing overreaction.
  • Silence your inner know-it-all. It’s time to learn anew.
  • Try out new perspectives. Things might not seem so bad.
  • Don’t get trapped by conventional wisdom. Since everything is already upside down, why not break from the crowd and map your own course.
  • Learn to live with uncertainty. No need to stress yourself out with things you can’t control.
  • Make “really” or “oh, yeah” your favorite expressions. A great technique when especially when a friend, threatened by your new life, points everything that could go wrong.
  • Declutter. A great way to celebrate, and reinforce,  your fresh start!

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