Infidelity Trends & Solutions

September 29, 2010

It could happen to you, and it did happen to me. My spouse cheated … and had a child with his lover way before I was clued in.

Affairs aren’t necessarily the kiss of death for a marriage, but when discovered (or suspected) it can tear everyone’s world apart. Although I was clueless, statistics say that 85% of women who think their spouse is cheating are spot on, whereas only 50% of men who suspect a cheating spouse are right.

According to infidelity expert Ruth Houston:

  • Infidelity has increased 50% among women and it’s rapidly approaching the male infidelity rate. Solution: Guys, pay attention to your partner and don’t dismiss their needs lightly.
  • Thanks to the internet, more than a 1/3 of all divorces are “internet assisted”. Solution: Know what your spouse is doing online… personally, I hope this doesn’t lead to “spousal controls”.
  • Emotional infidelity and cyber affairs need to be addressed because ignored it can lead to sexual encounters. Solution: If you suspect your spouse of this, take action before it’s too late.
  • Workplace infidelity destroys many marriages and relationships. Solution: Keep each other in the loop about your workplace and do not cultivate an “emotional partner” at work.
  • Given so many of us are naive about the signs of infidelity, many affairs aren’t discovered until it’s too late. Solution: Knowing the signs is key, so educate yourself, but don’t become paranoid.

Why am I telling you all this? Infidelity is on my mind as we have a panel of Private Eyes speaking at our Oct 9, 2010 Second Saturday program. Proving adultery, uncovering assets, and computer surveillance is part of their job. So this coming week, I’ll be blogging about these issues and hoping… you aren’t touched by any of it.

But if you are, consider joining us to get some answers and insight.


3 Responses to “Infidelity Trends & Solutions”

  1. JD Says:

    Good information, especially getting an early handle on emotional infidelity.

  2. […] Would you give your spouse the password to your Facebook site? To save marriages, that’s what a New Jersey pastor will be preaching this  Sunday. Why? Nearly a third of today’s divorces are “internet assisted.” […]

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