Love is Energy … Pass it Along!

October 7, 2010

When your heart is broken, you need a loving community more than ever. It’s the key to healing and such a gift. One of the joys I’ve found in creating Brilliant Exits is seeing strangers, struggling through the pain of an ending relationship, find their power and self-worth by helping others in need. It is truly beautiful and I don’t know who glows more … the giver, the recipient, or me.

For example, I once coached a group of women struggling to leave long-term abusive marriages. They were all in crisis mode, fearful of being alone and penniless in their rapidly approaching golden years and beaten down by the roller coaster of living with an abuser.  As you can imagine, the mood was quite somber especially when one woman, whom I’ll call Alice, announced she was really fearful for her life as her husband had somehow found a way to break into the locked room where she lived in their home.

Wistfully, Alice explained how she needed to change her room’s lock for safety, but had no money for a locksmith. Then, with all the tact in the world, another woman, who was a part-time school crossing guard, brightened up and said: ” I know how to change locks. If you go to Home Depot today and buy a new door knob with a lock I’ll come over tonight at 7 pm and install it for you. And.. I’ll wear my crossing guard uniform so I look like a cop. That way, if your husband comes home while I’m there, you can address me as Officer Smith and we’ll be safe.”

The two women left excited, animated and empowered by what they were about to do that evening. They followed through and returned the next week delightedly sharing their triumph. They were transformed and their success brought hope and joy to the group. It was beautiful.

Love is Energy  and beautifully honored in the video below. I found it posted on  The Prosperous Healer™ Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign a wonderful endeavor created by Canadian Mary C. Davis, whom I’m proud to claim as my very first coaching buddy.

Remember love comes in many forms. Enjoy, and may you be inspired to change someone’s world with love …


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