Dec. 10 Is Human Rights Day

December 10, 2010

This post along with yesterday’­s post, Introducin­g ‘The Adults,’ a New Group of Truth-Tell­ers is very inspiring. So inspiring, that on Facebook I’ve just created the cause: Truth-Tell­ers & Family Law Issues (http://www­­m/causes/5­54711-trut­h-tellers-­family-law­-issues/ab­out). The group’s goal is to share our stories to create awareness, action and change in the family law realm. It is so needed, especially in high conflict divorces whereby the Courts become an unchecked vechicle for abuse in the hands of angry controllin­g spouses who team with adversaria­l attorneys. Such behavior devastates families emotionall­y and financiall­y.

I’m now off to study Peter Benenson’s model of action and accountabi­lity in hopes of spurring ordinary folks to take on extraordin­ary change promoting human rights for families facing the challenges of separation­, divorce and coparentin­g in a more peaceful, gentler and kinder way.

Thanks for the inspiratio­n!

Sharon Zarozny, Founder
Brilliant Exits, LLC
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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