What do Santa & Weddings have in Common?

December 14, 2010

Lots. Think about it.

Santa is a highly romanticized, protected, commercialized and long-lived tradition merrily handed down from generation to generation. Anyone who exposes Santa and bursts a child’s bubble is considered an old crumungen and definitely a spoil sport. Eventually, however, kids find out the truth and when they do it can be quite tramatic and Christmas is never the same … until they become Santa themselves.

Enter Weddings. The ordinary person’s chance at a day of royal trappings and gifts. It’s a beautiful, romantic, long standing tradition and an idealized bridge into … the reality of day-to-day married life. And anyone trying to temper the love with cautionary tales is well…. a Debbie Downer.

Time passes, the honeymoon ends and daily life challenges the happily-ever-after dream. Some of us luck out and mature into truly loving couples, others are faced with the cruel reality that no matter what we do our dream is shattered.

Here’s hoping your dream stays in tack. If it doesn’t? Please remember Santa was a great concept, but he wasn’t real either.


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