Students Of Divorced Parents Contribute More To Education Costs: Q&A With Head Researcher

December 16, 2010

In answering the why, could it be the archaic presumptio­n that in most states one is considered “emancipat­ed” at age 18 (or graduation from high school) and therefore “Independe­nt” ie, on their own financiall­y? This may have been “justice” in the 19th Century, but really, what 18 year old today can succeed without college or some sort of post high school training? And just exactly how are these kids (our future, as we say) supposed to pay for it?

Our family laws are outdated and need changing. College educated parents normally consider it their responsibi­lity to help their kids through college… unless their kids are now a pawn between exes. At the very least, child support should be extended (and is in some states) until a child reaches 21. Today’s world is too expensive and complicate­d to abandon our kids at 18 years old.

Sharon Zarozny, Founder
Brilliant Exits, LLC
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