Why Marriages End

December 17, 2010

Thanks Diana. I’ll be sharing this with my clients and others. There’s an additional “turning” factor not often talked about: mental illness. I married my college sweetheart­, after years of courtship worthy of a Guiness Worldbook award, only to have mental illness rear it’s ugly head. It’s been a dreadful journey for my daughters and me thanks to my ex (and his litigious attorney) using the Courts as a vengeful tool. An abuser, hiring a rambo type attorney, can make mincemeat of the family left behind and there is no way to stop it. Well there is one, my money for legal defense has run out … the other side’s strategy from the start.

Frustrated at the (un)justic­e that can prevail I’ve just created the cause Truth-Tell­ing & Family Law Issues on Facebook to collect stories and create change (http://www­.causes.co­m/causes/5­54711-trut­h-tellers-­family-law­-issues?m=­9be1f0f4&r­ecruiter_i­d=18466969).

As an attorney, do you have any words of wisdom on this issue?

Sharon Zarozny, Founder
Brilliant Exits, LLC
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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