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October 29, 2010

It’s Friday so I thought you deserve a treat! My niece, a kindergarten teacher in Dubai, shared this with me and I laughed so hard! Perhaps it’s because I’m out of the trenches…

A Sign of the Times

October 14, 2009

Thanks to Twitter, I just stumbled upon a business article singing the praises of “Ms Cooper, a relatively recently- qualified young solicitor” (USA translation: recently passed the Bar exam ) who started a Facebook group for european lawyers that, in only one year, has mushroomed to 2,800 members all across the world. The article ends with:

“Claire is a first-rate advocate and has clearly made a significant impact on the legal profession after a short time in it. Her efforts have also helped raise the profile of the legal profession in Wales and deserve to be widely applauded.”

Now for the best part. Imediately below, the first reader comment:

Doozy wrote:
Great that’s all we need…Family Law solicitors charging clients whilst surfing the net and using Facebook, which is already known to be a drain on productivity and time spent at work. Oh boy.

What do you think?

Read all about it: WalesOnline – Business – Business News – Lawyer?s Facebook site makes a global impact

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If only my divorce had been like this! Thanks to Aisha for sending it along. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

I’m planning to watch it again before I go to court in a week… and again whenever the divorce court jitters set in!