Need a Pick Me Up?

April 17, 2011

Thanks Chuck for sending this along. It made me smile, think, and yes chuckle a bit. So now I share with others!
Since it’s not embedable, click this link to watch.


Women, Work & Success

December 23, 2010

Like the message! Helpful if you are in the workforce or contemplating a return.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions — and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite, or even just getting ahead.

Bravo!! Love your perspectiv­e, especially since it dovetails with my experience as a divorcee!
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In Praise of Exes

December 22, 2010

“In Praise of Exes” is an inspirational article about “a good divorce.” Sadly, like in marriage, a good post-divor­ce takes two… and among divorce profession­als there’s a saying “as goes the marriage, so goes the divorce.”

Wish we could find a way to help the courts understand an angry ex can reck a lot of havoc on the family left behind. Perhaps if we found a way of tempering the vengeful partner more families could move on as brilliantl­y as you have.

Any ideas?

Sharon Zarozny, Founder
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‘Are You Dating Yet?’

December 16, 2010

What a beautiful post! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve been divorced for years and people still comment “I don’t get it. You’ve got so much going for you and you’re still not remarried?­” As a single mom, who’s ex has not met his court ordered support obligation­s for years (a topic for a blog…or book) I can’t tell you the number of people, men and women, who’ve repeatedly suggested I go on to find a man to solve my financial struggles.

When I look them in the face and say “Only after I’m financiall­y set would I even consider it. Got any other ideas for helping me move Brilliant Exits forward or supplement­ing my income?” The response? They look at me as if I have 2 heads and say… “but you could meet someone with money on and that really would solve your problem.”

Thanks for getting it!

Sharon Zarozny, Founder
Brilliant Exits, LLC
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What’s in your Bucket List?

November 21, 2010

A “Bucket List” you ask? It’s a brilliant tool for identifying what’s important to you and taking action to move forward. Best part is, it’s free and you can create it at will in the privacy of your home. It’s another gem of an idea I found while browsing the net this morning thanks to a post by peaChic Magazine editor Denise Fabec.

Denise was divorced in 2005, following a 30 year marriage. She sat down and came up with 5 things she wanted to accomplish in the next 5 years. Her friends laughed at her list, but now 4 years later, she’s accomplished all but one of her goals.

Being a coach, I know creating an action plan makes all the difference in creating a meaningful, purposeful life. And at mid-life it’s even more crucial to happiness. Some words of wisdom from Ms. Frabec:

As a woman in business, you may hit dead ends; but you can always, always turn the ship around.  Never be afraid to transform even your most negative experiences into positive ones.  Take that knowledge, learn from it; and use it to grow and become a better person.  And most importantly, never, ever let anyone steer your ship even when you don’t have wind to catch your sails!  Listen to your heart and soul. Do what is best for everyone. But more importantly, do it for yourself!  The results will make you very happy.

Believe in your dreams and every time you cross something off your Bucket List, be sure to add a new one at the bottom. Enjoy the ride, my friends!

So as we approach the ending of 2010, and beginning of a whole new year I challenge you to start thinking about your “bucket list” so that come New Year’s Day you’ll be ready to write (or illustrate even) it out and see what you can bring to life by 2016!