We’ve come a long way from the days of Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. Or, perhaps today’s mistresses are simply catching up by pinning the “the scarlet letter” on men, via 30 foot billboard announcements, high-profile interviews, and more.

The big question is: Why are we so fascinated with illicit affairs, and why are so many making the “news” lately? Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Governor Sanford, the billboard mistress, etc. to mention a few. And what does the public think?

From the interviews I’ve seen lately, it seems to me that mistresses like presenting their side of the story hoping to gain public sympathy for getting a raw deal. All this has gotten me thinking and motivated the Poll I’ve created below.

Please take a moment to weigh-in and let me know what you think. And pass this along so I collect as many opinions as possible. Thank you. I promise to blog the trends… anonymity guaranteed!


Washington Post Article

August 16, 2009

Yes, that’s me in the Washington Post Sunday magazine having my moment of fame all thanks to Amanda Long, a Post writer who called me out of the blue one day. She’d discovered the Divorce 101 class I teach at NVCC and the rest is history….

Amanda was delightful. She arrived at my home one Sunday afternoon … by bike! She’s totally unpretentious, and easy to talk to, so the nearly 2 hour interview flew by. Amanda wrapped up her stay by showing me how to massage my puppy’s neck. I was actually sorry to see her leave.

Next came the photo shoot a few weeks later. Matthew Girard arrived with lots of equipment and a darling crew of two. It was a real treat, and I felt like a VIP. I watched Matthew, working with his model-like, perky assistant (April?) setup, check and recheck lighting, and then when everything was perfect I was invited to take center stage.

Matthew really cares about putting you at ease, making you look good (he did!) and getting it right. A dog person himself, he incorporated my puppy Zoey into the shot! If you look closely at the black & white pillow next to me you’ll see its her.

In closing, the Post knows how to find classy, talented people. Thanks Amanda and Matthew for making me feel so special!