Did you know money is the #1 cause of divorce in the US? That even the most accomplished women, including CEO’s of financial companies, avoid handling family finances (I’m talking investments, not bill paying) because they fear loosing their husband’s love?

Scary thought. Barbara Stanny’s book Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money explores women’s emotions about money and how it holds them back.

No time for a book? Don’t Let Your Relationship with Money Ruin Your Love Life is a short article worth a read worth a read.

Like quizzes?  Is Money Ruining Your Relationship?

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OK. Given my blog stats, it seems people like relationship quizzes. So here’s another one, this time from the Ladies’ Home Journal. If you can handle the pop-up windows, in the beginning, you might get some chuckles and advice at the end. Answer the 10 quick easy questions, and you’ll get a page at the end describing what’s going on.

As usual, my disclaimer: This is to help you clarify and in no way a declarative answer. Whew…

Now I’m not proposing you decide based on this quiz, however it will get you thinking. Sometimes just getting the clutter out of your head helps a whole lot…..

If you are brave enough take this 15 question quiz at shouldyoudivorcehim,com,

Have fun and Good luck!!!