How a Paralegal Can Help

September 5, 2012

Below is a link to an article about using a paralegal in lieu of an attorney to get you through your divorce. #divorce


Tips & Insight on Overcoming Domestic Violence: Getting Out & moving on DivorceSourceRadio

A family owned business can make divorcing even more complicated.  ForbesWoman’s recent article 5 Steps a Woman Can Take to Help Her Family-Run Business Survive Divorce overs tips. The 5 Steps discussed are:

  • Determine whether the business is separate or marital.
  • Pay attention to other state laws, too.
  • Establish the true value of the business.
  • Carefully consider all your options.
  • Divorce proof your business while you are single or happily married.

Confused or overwhelmed about documents you need to collect as you begin the divorce process? Or want to get a snapshot of your financial situation before you sit down with your spouse to split finances and draw up a property settlement? has prepared a simple, one page checklist that will give you an overview of what’s important. Perhaps knowing what you’ll need will help you with the chaos and questions swirling around in your head.

Good luck, and remember … one step at a time will get the job done!

Things haven’t changes as much as we think. Get insight to morph from “nice” to “winning.”

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